Our Story

American Church Group of Kentucky, LLC, began in 2016 when the Bradshaw & Weil insurance agency and Jared Morgan made the decision to partner with American Church Group, LLC. The result is an agency that is solely focused on serving the unique insurance needs of churches and related ministries in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois. Jared Morgan, who has been with Bradshaw & Weil since 2004, is the president of American Church Group of Kentucky.

Bradshaw & Weil has been locally owned and operated in Paducah, Kentucky, since 1867 when the Abram Weil & Company insurance agency was founded by Abram Weil. By 1914, the agency had expanded to include Abram’s brother, Jesse Weil, and W.F. Bradshaw, Jr. as partners. The agency continued to expand rapidly, purchasing several local agencies and opening branch offices across the state. In 1998, Brandon Morgan became the sole owner of Bradshaw & Weil and remains so today.