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Today’s technology helps Christian ministries extend their reach when proclaiming the Gospel. Innovation is crucial when it comes to communication, but it brings about its own challenges—especially when it comes to software, social media, online giving, and e-commerce. 

Below are some articles intended to educate ministries on technology issues they may face in today’s environment:


Trust but Verify: Defeating Cyber Criminals Before They Break In - Scammers use many schemes when attempting to steal your data, but you can outsmart them by understanding their five common tricks.

Protect Ministry Data and Computers - Take steps to safeguard personal information to help deter theft, preserve privacy, and avoid lawsuits.

Protect Against Ransomware - Ransomware attacks can lock users out of important files and demand payment to regain access. Take the following steps to reduce your vulnerability, so your ministry can operate without interruption.

Wi-Fi Security Tips - Offering wireless internet access is commonplace in most ministries. Take steps to protect your network from file theft and illegal Internet usage.

Inviting the World to Your Virtual Meetings - Your organization may have moved some of its operations online by using virtual meeting platforms. The upside is you were able to continue with critical missional aspects. The downside: online meetings, and recording those meetings, carry unique risks. 

Stop the Thief in Your Inbox - Phishing schemes and data breaches can have serious consequences. A breach could result in identity theft, legal issues, and a tarnished reputation.

Held Hostage for Cash - Kidnappings, extortion, and cyber terrorism are domestic and global issues, and no organization is immune. Take steps to develop a response plan.

Cybersecurity: Dealing with Ransomware - Malware can swiftly encrypt multiple computer networks, especially those relying on older software (like many nonprofits). Take steps to reduce your vulnerability, so your ministry can operate without interruption.


Sample Cyber Security Checklist - Review this sample checklist to help make sure your cybersecurity practices are current.


Cybersecurity: Catching the Thief in Your Inbox - Email scams are becoming more common—and more sophisticated. Learn ways to help protect your ministry’s money and data from digital threats.

The Deacon's Bench Online - Hidden Dangers

The Deacon’s Bench is published by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company® three times a year and focuses on practical risk management guidance to help today's Christian ministries thrive. In this issue: How to outsmart cyber scammers.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Brotherhood Mutual's cyber liability coverages can help protect your ministry against property damage, financial damage, or emotional injury claims resulting from your ministry’s activities related to computer use and electronic data.

Brotherhood Mutual’s cyber liability coverages are designed to protect your ministry against claims of:

  • Unauthorized computer use that causes damage to another's computer-related property.

  • Computer-related activity that accidentally damages another individual, organization, or enterprise.

  • Financial losses of others from unintentional transmission of computer viruses or other harmful files.

  • Data breach liability for improperly using, failing to properly protect, or losing electronic personal information.

  • Errors caused by specified IT contractors working on your behalf.

And provides reimbursement coverage for expenses related to:

  • A data breach, which may include the cost to send required notifications, the fees associated with credit monitoring services, or the fees paid to a public relations firm to protect your reputation.

  • Data retrieval associated with litigation.

  • Special defense expenses incurred to respond to subpoenas, regulatory actions, or non-compensatory lawsuits related to computer use or electronic data.

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