Mission Travel

Whether it's your ministry's first mission trip or its hundredth, take the time to ensure that you've planned appropriately and educated your travelers thoroughly. Use these travel tips, articles, and checklists to plan a safe and effective ministry trip.


Mission Travel: Safety Tips - By taking steps in advance, you can travel safer and be better prepared for emergency situations.

Mission Travel: Did you Forget These Things? - Successful mission travel is all in the details. But it's hard to think of everything. These five tips can help you avoid last-minute scrambling.

Mission Travelers Need Insurance - With 1-in-5 odds of filing a mission travel claim, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need coverage.

Protect Mission Travelers with the Right Insurance Coverage - Brotherhood Mutual's mission travel protection helps safeguard your ministry's mission travelers by providing coverage for claims associated with legal, medical, communication, and auto needs.

Planning a Short-Term Mission Trip - Anticipate potential problems to better manage them during your trip.

Disaster Relief Teams: Send Your Best - Assembling an effective disaster relief team, and giving it the tools to succeed, is as important as the work the team will do. 

Checklists and Policy Forms

Short-Term Mission Trip Release Form - Download this Acknowledgement and Release Form to use as a resource as you develop your own form for your short-term mission travel participants.

Short-Term Mission Trip Checklist - Don't skip important details. Whether your trip planning starts one year out or one week out, this checklist's got you covered. 

Disaster Relief Teams Checklist - When disaster strikes, your team needs to be ready to move. Before you're needed, see where your disaster relief team is strong ... and where it needs improvement.


Planning a Safe Mission Trip - Every mission trip comes with hazards, from injuries to lost baggage. Get tips to help make your travels as safe as possible.

Avoid Critical Coverage Gaps


Determine if your current mission travel insurance covers these critical coverage gaps



Make Sure You’re Covered

Global Mission Protection

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company® has developed a new program for international missions work. Global Mission Protection allows you to take your Brotherhood Mutual ministry-specific liability coverages with you anywhere in the world for both short-term and long-term (more than 60 days) missions. Protect your foreign ministry operations with specialized foreign liability coverages backed by the services and support of leading global insurance services providers.

Kidnap & Ransom Coverage

International mission travel is rewarding, but have you thought about the potential for acts of violence, extortion, or express kidnap? As mission operations grow and thrive, the potential for being targeted increases. One incident can cost thousands. Protect your leaders and volunteers with a Kidnap & Ransom Policy.*

Talk to your American Church Group of Kentucky agent to make sure you coverage is adequate for your next trip. 

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Faith Ventures® Travel Medical Insurance

Regardless of where your mission takes you, travel insurance is essential. Brotherhood Mutual has entered into an alliance with Fly For Good® to bring mission travelers the Faith Ventures card, an affordable travel medical insurance option that comes with single- or multi-trip plans for foreign and domestic short-term mission travel.

  • Accident and illness medical expense
  • Security and emergency medical evacuation
  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Primary coverage with no deductible
  • Discounted airfare
  • 24/7 emergency travel assistance
  • Currency exchange discounts
  • Trip management tools
  • Hundreds of retail discounts

Learn More about Faith Ventures. 


*Exclusions and limitations may apply. Some coverages as agreed by the provider. Kidnap & Ransom Coverage is provided by Hiscox.

This coverage description is intended to help ministry leaders better understand Brotherhood Mutual’s MinistryFirst® insurance program and other insurance products offered through Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Services, LLC. It does not provide insurance coverage of any kind, nor does it modify the terms of any policy. For complete insurance coverage details, please refer to actual policy documents. Coverage for actual claims will be based on applicable policy documents applied to the individual facts of an actual claim event. Some coverages may not be available in all states.