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1. Insurance is one of those things we forget about until we need it

National Insurance Awareness Day falls on June 28 this year to remind people everywhere that insurance is vital to their companies and ministries.

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2. Measles Cases Reach Record-Breaking Numbers

More than 700 confirmed cases of measles have been reported in the United States so far this year, making this outbreak the worst in decades.

Tags: protect, liability, health safety, risk management, measles
3. Vehicle Registration Guidelines for Ministries

Do you use commercial vehicles that transport more than 15 passengers or carry cargo from one state to another as part of your ministry? If so, you are required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and obtain a USDOT number.

Tags: coverage, protect, directors and officers, liability, damages
4. Check for Safety Before Putting Your Head in The Clouds

Thinking about taking a group from your ministry ziplining? Be sure to confirm that the site you choose complies with the new Kentucky state law that regulates aerial recreational devices.

Tags: protect, liability, zip lines
5. Prepare for Medical Emergencies at Church

Accidents and medical emergencies happen at church more often than you may think. Knowing how to deal with minor medical injuries, illnesses, and major medical emergencies until first responders arrive can make a big difference.

Tags: protect, medical emergency, safety
6. Flu Is Widespread: Protect Your Congregation

For the first time in its 13 years of influenza monitoring, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting that every state in the continental U.S. is seeing widespread flu activity. Get tips on how to keep your congregation healthy this flu season.

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7. More Than 200 Attend Church Security Conference in Paducah

On January 27, American Church Group of Kentucky and Heartland Church in Paducah hosted a Church Security Conference to help educate ministries on how to protect their people and ministries. The three-and-a-half-hour event was free to attend and offered local churches an opportunity to learn how to develop a safety and security mindset and identify potential gaps in their current safety and security procedures.

Tags: coverage, protect, directors and officers, liability, damages
8. Prayers for Victims of School Shooting & Security Resources for Your Ministry

We pray for the victims of the shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, KY. How would your church respond in a similar situation?

Tags: coverage, protect, directors and officers, liability, damages
9. Is Your Ministry as Safe as It Could Be?

Have you thought through potential dangers that may confront your ministry? Taking steps to consider and address these risks provides important protection from injuries, lawsuits, fires, and dozens of other hazards that may affect your ministry, especially your employees and those you serve.

Tags: protect, safety, security, security team, protecting staff members, risk management
10. Protect Your Board Against Lawsuits

Lawsuits against churches and ministries are on the rise, making their board members especially vulnerable. Sometimes, courts have found directors and officers personally liable when their actions have resulted in financial damages.

Tags: protect, directors and officers, protecting staff members

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