Religious Freedom

Defend Your Ministry’s Religious Freedom

The First Amendment protects your ministry’s right to free exercise of religion. However, this freedom may be challenged in court, especially if your ministry does not consistently apply its sincerely held religious beliefs. Read the five scenarios in our "Defending Your Ministry's Religious Freedom" brochure, then ask, “Is my ministry ready to respond?”

Good risk management practices can help your ministry exercise its freedoms, even when faced with a lawsuit. Below are several resources from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company that can help guide you through this tough topic.

Religious Activities

Building Use

Membership Standards

Leadership Appointments

Employment Decisions

When developing and revising organizational docouments and ministry policies and procedures, involve a local attorney. A wide variety of federal, state, and local laws apply to employer/employee relations. Consulting with a local attorney can provide guidance on state-specific and local legal issues you may encounter. Ask us for a referral to an attorney who can help.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company also offers its free Legal Assist service to help answer questions you may have related to your religious freedom and other tough topics. Brotherhood Mutual's in-house team of attorneys understand ministry legal issues because they've been addressing questions from ministries for years, and they're involved in ministry within their own communities.

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Make Sure You’re Covered

If your religious freedom is challeneged in a law suit, Brotherhood Mutual’s Religious Freedom Protection Coverage can help pay for defense costs (including defense of your tax exempt status) as well as legal damages. Contact our agency about this coverage and other risk management solutions.

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